Reframe your relationship with Spanish

This guide and workbook is about you. It's about you and your relationship with the Spanish language. This workbook challenges you to reframe how you think about Spanish.

It's time to change how you look at Spanish learning. Find out what is your true motivation for wanting to learn the language. Determine your strengths and chart your way to success.

Learn to Love your Spanish!

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    What's included?

    • Tips on how to improve your relationship with Spanish learning
    • Workbook sections
    • Journal prompts
    • Affirmations
    • Links to more resources on Latin American culture and Spanish learning

    Who's this for?

    • You, if you're struggling or feel stuck in your Spanish learning journey.
    • You, if you've ever felt 'not good enough' because of your Spanish skills.
    • You, if you're wanting a new way to approach your language learning journey.